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Hinton & Fairchild
Quality and Precision with over 30 Years of Experience.

Hinton and Fairchild Brings you the very Best in cutting edge Production tools, from Audio Sample Packs and Midi melodies to SoundBanks and Project files. Whatever your Genre of choice is we will cater to your needs 100% and deliver the very highest quality in detail

Hinton and Fairchild also provides 32 bit VSTi instruments with Bigroomkixsynth 1.2, FMetal, Donk Machine and TRAP 808, alongside Effects like Bigkix Dippa.

We are always growing our team of sound designers, with Alan Hinton and Anthony Fairchild at the helm, both have been producing music for over 10 years each and have been heavily involved in sample design through-out. Tez Oneill, Sound Designer, Promotion and Support. Rodney Cooke, Producer, Talent Scout and Promotions. If you think you have what it takes to be part of a Growing team of Talent Email us Below.

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Alan Hinton

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Anthony Fairchild

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Terence O’neill

Sound Designer/Promoter

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